International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko”


Ukraine. Kharkiv. Young talented TV and radio journalists and producers, cameramen and writers, animators and cartoonists meet here every autumn. And just International Children TV Festival “Dytiatko” brings together creative children and young people from different countries to the First Capital of Ukraine. 

Festival founded by Kharkiv Regional Council in 2009 on the initiative of its Head, Mr. Sergii Chernov, has become a hallmark of Kharkiv firmly entering into cultural life of Ukraine and CIS countries.  

The purpose of the Festival is to discover and support children’stelevision teams and gifted children; to improve professional level of television, oriented towards children’s target audience; to develop creative personality, to bring up moral and active civil position, love to the native land.

Tasks of the Festival:

- To establish and develop connections among children’s studios, to exchange experience and to improve professional level of the participants;

- To draw attention of state, public and commercial structures to the issues of development of the screen children’s creativity, to the processes of personality formation through receiving of the information, which are broadcasted by electronic media, to the necessities of children’s creative teams, fate of gifted children and their future.

“Dytiatko” is a noncommercial one; participation in it is free of charge.

Festival “Dytiatko” is conducted among children’s creative television studios, teams and individual authors, television companies and associations, producer centers, which create programs and films for children.

Festival consists of two stages.

From December to May, the organizing committee accepts works and applications for festival competitions, out of which it further forms the pool of finalists.

In September the festival’s second stage, the final one is conducted. It is some colorful and saturated days full of master classes and trainings, presentations and professional meetings, review and discussion of competitive works and cultural program activities of the festival. But above all, it is a communication between the participants, the emergence of new joint projects, studying of invaluable experience of studios’ work in the complicated realities of today.

And finally, of course, it is the awarding of winners of International Children TV Festival “Dytiatko”. 

Festival participants are offered of ten nominations, namely,

- The Best Live Action Film by Children's Studio,

- The Best Documentary by Children's Studio,

- The Best TV Programme by Children's Studio,

- The Best Animated Cartoon by Children's Studio,

- The Best Music Film (video clip) by Children's Studio,

- The Best Radio Programme by Children's Studio,

- The Best Television Programme for Children,

- The Best Feature Film for Children;

- The Best Short Film for Children;

- The Best Animated Film for Children;

- We Are Local Self-Government,

- CIFEJ Prize (International Center of films for children and youth).

Individual skills are defined in the following categories:

«The best TV presenter», «The best TV reporter», «The best actor», and also the best  director and camera work.

Out of interesting idea the Festival is currently turned to be a vivid children’s creativity celebration impatiently waited for, more to say, a team of friends. This is a team of like-minded mates, of people who care about the development of Children's TV. This is a team of reliable friends among which is the European Council, International Center of films for children and youth, Cartoon Network, etc. 

Nowadays “Dytiatko” is not just a TV Festival. It is also the Association of Children’s onscreen work, the annual TV marathon, weekly TV program and numerous social promotions and contests for children.

We believe that support of Children TV development is the way for TV revitalizing. It is the way to formation of socially non-indifferent youth and support of young talents. Because future of television is in their hands!

Address of the Organization Committee: 64, Sumska str., off. 96, Kharkiv 61002, Ukraine

Information by telephones:  +38(057)700-53-05; +38050-401-36-02

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