5 - 8 September 2018


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Festival "Dytiatko" finds persons holding the same views in each country

During the closing ceremony of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, President of the Festival, Sergii Chernov, noted the high quality of the works submitted for the contest, congratulated the winners and all participants of the festival. Addressing the participants of the festival, Sergii Chernov said: "The days of the IX Festival "Dytiatko" have flown by as one instant. And always, closing one festival today, tomorrow we start preparations for the next festival. Every time we are convinced, what a wonderful idea is to create the Festival "Dytiatko", to gather talented creative young people every year, to meet friends and get acquainted with those who have just joined our team. Thanks to you the Festival "Dytiatko" is known all over the planet.


Through the words of the jury and the guests of honor of the ІХ International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko"

The members of the jury of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko" expressed their impressions of the festival during its closing ceremony.Handing awards in each of the nominations, the jury members congratulated the winners of the festival and also noted the warm and creative atmosphere of the festival.


Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine presented certificates for traveling to Strasbourg to the winners of the Nomination 'We Are Local Self-Government!'

Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine, Мårten Ehnberg, attended the solemn closing ceremony of the ІХ International Children's TV Festival "Dityatko" to congratulate its participants. Addressing the audience, he thanked the participants of the international event for their initiative, activity and interesting ideas, which were conveyed in the television creations submitted for consideration by the jury under the Nomination 'We Are Local Self-Government!'.


The finalists of the TV Festival "Dytiatko" were the first to see the new cartoons by Japanese director, Tsuneo Goda

During the creative meeting with the participants of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", the guest of honor, Tsuneo Goda, demonstrated to the children his recently created cartoons and today, in fact, they were presented to the audience for the first time.


Future television workers visited V. S. Grizodubova Flying Club

The aviators of V.S. Grizodubova Kharkiv Flying Club conducted excursion for the finalists of the IX International TV Festival "Dytiatko" to the museum of aviation equipment, located in the open air, in Korotych. Before the beginning of the excursion, the children were divided into three groups to have a look at all the airplanes and helicopters one by one. It should be noted that in the museum of the flying club there are both exhibits that still fly and airplanes haven't been used for years now.


Authors of the best ideas for films and TV programs will receive funding for their projects according to the results of pitching a screenplay

Today young authors of the ideas for films and TV programs used the only platform in Ukraine where it is possible to present their vision of the future project. Telling the jury members about their plans, each team took the advice received during the master class on pitching a screenplay: all ideas were unique and original. Today 9 works were presented within the shortlist of scenario pitching, predetermined by the organizing committee of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", including 5 films and 4 TV programs.


Finalists of the TV Festival “Dytiatko” visited Superior, Ukraine’s only golf resort

Participants and jury members of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", Illia Svidler and Manuk Depoyan visited Superior Golf & Spa Resort as a part of today's entertainment program, where they were taught the subtleties of mini-golf and frisbee golf. A lot of interesting facts and pleasant emotions were waiting for them on the golf course. Future operators, newsmakers, newsreaders, script writer and directors learned, for example, that the inclination of clubface determines the trajectory and length of the ball's flight after hitting the ball.


Finalists of the TV Festival «Dytiatko» learned about the distributors` requirements for film

Young cinematographers attended  the master class of Illia Svidler, director of the international distribution company "Kinolife Distribution", member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, at the IX International TV Festival "Dytiatko". During the master class, the speaker covered several important issues concerning the distribution of short and full-length films: how to ensure that the film was watched by as many people as possible, how to distribute films, where to take music for your pictures.


Andrii Kulykov: Create a window of opportunity which will open up a new world for people

Media expert, the chairman of the Public Company “Public Radio”, AndriiKulykov, began his master class for the finalists of the TV festival “Dytiatko”  with advice to find windows of opportunities for their work or if it is necessary  to create them: "If there is no event, then it should to be created. If someone does not allow  to come in, climb into the window. I was taught such postulates of Soviet journalism in due time. Today, I wont to add, ‘Create a window of opportunity which will open up a new world for people. " He told about the windows of opportunity created by people and circumstances for the revival and development of Public Radio. Now this radio is heard all over Ukraine.


Japanese director,Tsuneo Goda, told the participants of the TV Festival "Dytiatko" about the art of creating characters

Participants of the IX International TV Festival "Dytiatko" talked with the Japanese director, Tsuneo Goda. He told them about his 20-year experience in creating animated films and series, showed episodes from his works, and created a new animated character, Domovyk (a house spirit), in front of children.