5 - 8 September 2018


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Serhii Babkin: I get inspiration from everywhere

Within the framework of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko" a creative meeting was held with the actor and musician Sergii Babkin. During the meeting with the musician, the children got an opportunity not only to ask questions that interested them, but also to listen to his songs.


Participants of Television Festival “Dytiatko” took secrets of successful pitching from Andrii Zazharskyi

Master classes at IX International Television Festival “Dytiatko” are going on.  Today the young TV workers and film makers has started their day by meeting with producer Andrii Zazharskyi who helped them highlight main directions of creative drive which can lead the festival participants to success. In the beginning of their speech Andrii told about his own experience of making video clips for modern music bands, such as “Potap i Nastya”, “Chas i sklo”, “VV”, “Druha rika”. After that he emphasized that any video clip is a short film, because musical clips also require deep analysis of the idea, so that the result could be interesting and its visual part could be in accord with the song to the uttermost.


IX International Children’s Television Festival “Dytiatko” started in Kharkiv

Today on September 6th, IX International Children’s Television Festival “Dytiatko” has taken place in Kharkiv. This time 134 works from 33 countries have been submitted to the final. Along with the jury, Sergii Chernov, the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council and Volodymyr Skorobahach, the Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council, presented diplomas to all the finalists of this festival. Sergii Chernov welcomed guests in Kharkiv region and wished success in their struggle for victory in various nominations.


Participants of the festival “Dytiatko” tried different roles and images at the master class of Nataliya Morozova, a stage director from Belarus

Nataliya Morozova, a stage director from Belarus, gave a master class in acting technique and stage direction for the participants of the television festival “Dytiatko”.  Nataliya Morozova said, “I have dreamt to be a stage director since childhood, and I could realize my dream already at the age of 13. Today I represent a European festival “Kinosvit” (Cinema world). I like to work with children very much. We are going to set up a new project “Kinolider” soon. (Cinema leader). We will teach how to create kind movies. I encourage and invite you for that.”


Dmytro Petrenko: a documentary film is not less interesting as a fiction film

Dmytro Petrenko, a media expert, a TV-show presenter and a researcher of visual culture, started a set of his master classes of IX International Television Festival “Dytiatko”. Within an hour Dmytro Petrenko demonstrated to children different scenes from documentary films, each scene showed various methods of creating such films, he also told about his own researches in this sphere.


The winners of the VIII International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko”

15 participants of the festival "Dytiatko" had the opportunity to study the experience of foreign colleagues.


Sergii Chernov: I hope the next festival will attract participants from other countries

During the official closing ceremony of the VIII International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko” the President of the Festival and the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov told reporters about festival development and shared plans for festival prospects.

Sergii Chernov says: “Every time festival “Dytiatko” starts I look at the faces of children who came to Kharkiv and I observe that they are overwhelmed with positive emotions. And it is a real treat for us, the adults.

We want to attract attention of as many people as possible towards our gifted children, to involve authorities, people who can assist in development of creative teams.


Morten Enberg: Festival “Dytiatko” is worth being opened by Europe due to creativity of its participants

Head of the Council of Europe Office in Ukraine Morten Enberg visited the official closing ceremony of the VIII International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko” to greet its participants.

When addressing the audience, he thanked the participants of the international event for their initiatives, activity and interesting ideas, demonstrated in TV projects, submitted to be estimated by the jury for the nomination “We are local self-government!”.


Sannette Naeye: We are responsible not only for recognition of children's talent, we should also influence it via digital media

Sannette Naeye, the head of the jury of the international organization CIFEJ (International Center of Films for Children and Young People), director of the film festival “Cinekid” (the Netherlands) has expressed her thoughts on the television festival “Dytiatko” and her own point of view regarding children television during press-conference of the jury members of “Dytiatko”.

“I arrived yesterday so my impressions are rather fresh. Being the director and the head of the children film festival, I would like to announce that this festival is great because its main purpose is to contribute to the development of the children creativity.


Andrii Kulykov: “Dytiatko” is ahead of its time in media tendencies

Such thought has been expressed by media expert Andrii Kulykov, the Head of the jury of the VIII International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko”. Today press-conference of Sergii Chernov, the Head of the organization committee of the festival “Dytiatko” and members of the jury was held in the press center of the news agency “Status Quo”.

Andrii Kulykov accentuated that radio nomination at the television festival “Dytiatko” made first appearance two years ago. It is extremely difficult to find this nomination at similar events. For example, such nomination made first appearance at one of the biggest media events “KIEV MEDIA WEEK” only this year.