5 - 8 September 2018


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Mitsuo Tahira: Talk about dreams and they will surely come true

Mitsuo Tahira, director of KINEKO, the International Children Television Festival in Japan, addressed participants of the VIII festival “Dytiatko” on the topic of dreams and their meaning in life of every person.

Sharing his own experience with children and talking about the development of the children television festival in Japan, Mitsuo Tahira mentioned that the first ten years of KINEKO were full of difficulties but nowadays children from all over the world take part in it and gladly send in their works.


Three-day master class in cinema reporting for young TV workers given by International Children Television Festival “Dytiatko” and brand Culture.pl

In 2016 the festival participants will be hospitably entertained by Kharkiv on September 21-24. They are going to have bright and busy days which will be occupied with interesting master classes and trainings, presentations and meet-the-artist sessions. But the most important thing is communication of the participants with each other, with professionals and experts.

However, without waiting for the official ceremony of opening the festival, the International Children Festival “Dytiatko” along with brand Culture.pl under the auspices of summer cinema school “Dytiatko” prepared a pleasant surprise for young TV workers – three day master class in cinema reporting on August 8-10.


Organization committee of the festival “Dytiatko” receives a few competition works every day

Over 500 participants have sent their works to the organization committee of the VII International children television festival “Dytiatko”. Works and application forms are submitted from different countries daily. As of today the authors represent 69 countries of the world. The Islamic Republic of Iran, USA and India are the absolute leaders in the amount of participants.


The festival "Dytiatko": the most popular among the filmmakers of Iran, the US and India

As of March 23, 397 participants from 65 countries  have registered at the VIII International Children's Television Festival "Dytiatko". They submitted to the Organizing Committee 443 works. The top three by the number of representatives of the national school are Islamic Republic of Iran (52 participants), USA (42) and India (29).

Traditionally the most popular nomination is "The best short film for children", in which already registered nearly two hundred works.

Deadline: 30 June 2016.

243 participants from 58 countries have already registered to take part at VIII Festival “Dytiatko”

The participants from 58 countries have presented 270 works to take part at VIII International Children's Television Festival “Dytiatko”. The most popular are categories of the best short film and animated film for children. Nearly every fifth contest work is a directorial debut.

Every tenth participant of the festival which takes place this year has already participated in the previous festivals, thereby, three film directors are members of at least two previous festivals.



VII International Children Television Festival "Dytiatko" began with master-classes and surprises for the participants

The 7th Int. Children's Television Festival "Dytiatko", which is held under the patronage of the Chairman of Kharkiv Regional Council Sergii Chernov, beganwith master-classes from Kharkiv cartoonist Leonid Storozhuk and director, producer, playwright from Serbia Dragan Milinkovich. This year about one hundred finalists of theTelevision Festival "Dytiatko" gathered at master-classes in the camp “Soniachnyi” (“Sunny”). At the same time, Dovzhenko cinema,“Kyiv” cinema and “8 ½”cinemaheld screenings of festival competition works for all comers.


Program of the 7th International Children's Television Festival “Dytiatko”



Competitive program: Nomination 'The Best Television Program for Children'

It was selected 10 programs


Competitive program: Nomination 'The Best Radio Program by Children's Studio'