Through the words of the jury and the guests of honor of the ІХ International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko"

Опубликовано 09.09.2017 20:26

The members of the jury of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko" expressed their impressions of the festival during its closing ceremony.Handing awards in each of the nominations, the jury members congratulated the winners of the festival and also noted the warm and creative atmosphere of the festival.


As noted by director Manuk Depoyan "During these days, being with you, I got a huge charge of energy. Moreover, I feel like I'm back in carefree and merry childhood. And it inspires incredibly. I wish you not to lose your optimism and put it in your work".

"Thanks to the organizers for the invitation to this holiday. I’m used to attend large-scale festivals, but I have never been in a cinema camp. And what I've seen there, convinced that there were future world-famous actors or directors among you " the programming director of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth ZLIN, Yaroslava Hinshtova said.

Director of the International Children's Film Festival Universal, Rowena Martinez Ulayan, in particular, liked Kharkiv: "The Television Festival "Dytiatko" is a very bright event, and Kharkiv is a beautiful and colorful city. I'm glad to be here and hope that the flow of creative energy will be always inexhaustible and it will give you the strength to work creatively and informative."

The jury members and the guests of honor of the festival noted the interesting form of its holding,  good organization, and also they encouraged young creative personalities to develop their talents in the future.

"As a child, I also went to creative classes and learned to film, as you do it now. Watching the work in the camp "Sunny / Soniachnyi", I was happy to go through these pleasant memories again and again. Never stop at what has been achieved. You should work tirelessly to create a high-quality video or radio product" President of the International Organization “CinemaHall”, member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, Illia Svidler said.

Japanese director, Tsuneo Goda, in addition, wished the longevity to the festival: "The greatest reward for the animator is true children's laughter. You generously rewarded me while watching my cartoons. I wish sincerely longevity to the TV festival "Dytiatko". And let the positive is added every year."