The finalists of the TV Festival "Dytiatko" were the first to see the new cartoons by Japanese director, Tsuneo Goda

Опубликовано 08.09.2017 21:14

During the creative meeting with the participants of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", the guest of honor, Tsuneo Goda, demonstrated to the children his recently created cartoons and today, in fact, they were presented to the audience for the first time.


The children were touched by the series of cartoons about a bear. In one episode, a small blue-eyed bear named Makuma-Kun woke up in the morning and decided to read a book about animals. Suddenly he stumbled upon a picture of a formidable and evil bear. He needed a lot of courage, strength and restraint to pluck up the courage to stamp his feet on the big bear, which were overhanging him more and more like a cloud. But yet Makuma-Kun was still able to growl: don't scare me, I am a bear too. And then, some wonderful change happened. The big bear became kinder and extended his paw: you are a brave bear. They became friends.

The kind and morality cartoons by Tsuneo Goda always have an unexpected ending. According to the author, the ideas for cartoons comes from his childhood, when he could draw as much time as his parents had to work hard. As an adult, he thought that it would be nice to animate children's stories based on old memories and emotions.

The director also told about the stages of the animation and the team, as a result of whose efforts his cartoons was born. It's almost thirty people. First, they make drawings, the history is thought through from the very beginning to the end, they sew dolls, make scenery. There are those responsible for the camera, sound and music. In the process of filming, the "stop-motion" technique is used.

At the end of the meeting, the children asked the animator a bunch of questions. Most of all they were interested in where they can find his works on the Internet. Unfortunately, nowhere. Tsuneo said that the products are manufactured by a private company for commercial purposes and they are not subject to distribution on the Internet. And suddenly he added: come to Japan. There you can buy them on a disk.

Therefore, the participants of the festival were lucky today to get acquainted with the modern exclusive animated products.