Finalists of the TV Festival «Dytiatko» learned about the distributors` requirements for film

Опубликовано 07.09.2017 19:59

Young cinematographers attended  the master class of Illia Svidler, director of the international distribution company "Kinolife Distribution", member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, at the IX International TV Festival "Dytiatko". During the master class, the speaker covered several important issues concerning the distribution of short and full-length films: how to ensure that the film was watched by as many people as possible, how to distribute films, where to take music for your pictures.


Mr. Svidler said that he began his career the same way as the participants of the "Dytiatko", from participating in festivals. And now he promots films with a budget of 5 million US dollars.

 Illia Svidler noted that when shooting a film, it should be remembered that the sooner it is determined for what audience and for what purpose the film is created the better. So, for example, if the goal of the film is commercial, that is, the film is created in order to earn money on its distribution and box office, then there's no sense to put it on the Internet. However, when the author aims to obtain public recognition of himself as a director, putting the film on the Internet is a good idea, if it does not contradict the conditions for accepting works for the festival (if such a task was assigned to the film). The speaker also advised the children to negotiate the broadcasting of their films on local TV channels, finding out in advance about the technical requirements of the channel for the film.

Answering the main question of the master class: "How to ensure that the distributor takes the film for the promotion in cinemas?" - the speaker listed several important points:

• The idea should be relevant, unique and, most importantly, interesting;

• The script should be extremely interesting;

• The accompanying music should emphasize the atmosphere of the film and the specific scene, besides, it should not drown out the dialogues;

• The visual component of the film must be very high quality.

In view of these elements, the speaker advised the children to shoot as many films as possible ant it will guarantee a stable growth of the quality of work.

At the end of the master class Illia Svidler wished the participants of the festival that their films will always be popular with the audience.