Finalists of the TV Festival “Dytiatko” visited Superior, Ukraine’s only golf resort

Опубликовано 08.09.2017 13:04

Participants and jury members of the IX International Children's TV Festival "Dytiatko", Illia Svidler and Manuk Depoyan visited Superior Golf & Spa Resort as a part of today's entertainment program, where they were taught the subtleties of mini-golf and frisbee golf. A lot of interesting facts and pleasant emotions were waiting for them on the golf course. Future operators, newsmakers, newsreaders, script writer and directors learned, for example, that the inclination of clubface determines the trajectory and length of the ball's flight after hitting the ball.


Professional golf coach, Alexander Deniskin, answered all the questions of young TV journalists about green, fairway, rough and bunkers. He also told and showed the children the possibilities of playing golf, emphasizing that it is fascinating and useful for people of all ages and tastes.

It was also possible to practice the sight, watching ball kicks of already experienced golfers and the ball flight. 70 hectares of golf course were used by children not only for passing holes, but also for lying and sitting, photo sessions and video shootings. Materials for further plots and programs were developed.