Andrii Kulykov: Create a window of opportunity which will open up a new world for people

Опубликовано 07.09.2017 18:30

Media expert, the chairman of the Public Company “Public Radio”, AndriiKulykov, began his master class for the finalists of the TV festival “Dytiatko”  with advice to find windows of opportunities for their work or if it is necessary  to create them: "If there is no event, then it should to be created. If someone does not allow  to come in, climb into the window. I was taught such postulates of Soviet journalism in due time. Today, I wont to add, ‘Create a window of opportunity which will open up a new world for people. " He told about the windows of opportunity created by people and circumstances for the revival and development of Public Radio. Now this radio is heard all over Ukraine.


"Listen and think. This is the motto of the Public Radio," says Andrii Kulykov. “From a practical point of view, a professional journalist also takes a smell, touches, watches to convey to listeners his/her impressions, which are already experience for the audience. In no way should it be a teachings or guidances. The listener can make his own conclusion from the certain information".

"Voice, voice timbre, word choice and sounds are operative tools, which are most valuable on the radio. We don`t have, like on television, a picture, we can not decorate it. As a result, radio can be called the most democratic, most frank, sincere media, which simultaneously requires a particularly responsible attitude, " the chairman of the Public Radio said.

He also noted "The problem of the Ukrainian radio broadcast is the absence of talk stations, mostly they are entertaining. In general, underdevelopment of radio is an evidence of the underdevelopment of civil society, in which there are problems with the presentation of people's initiatives and their implementation."

According to Andrii Kulykov, the radio is still the most operative mass media. After all, the text for social networks or news agencies must be written first. The radio, on the other hand, gives an opportunity to report the news right away.

Radio presenter with many years of experience, Andrii Kulykov, called on the finalists of the festival "Dytiatko" to participate in the development of national radio space, making it more informative and interesting.