Japanese director,Tsuneo Goda, told the participants of the TV Festival "Dytiatko" about the art of creating characters

Опубликовано 07.09.2017 15:25

Participants of the IX International TV Festival "Dytiatko" talked with the Japanese director, Tsuneo Goda. He told them about his 20-year experience in creating animated films and series, showed episodes from his works, and created a new animated character, Domovyk (a house spirit), in front of children.


Before turning directly to the subject of the master class, Tsuneo Goda said, "The Japanese are pretty shy. Therefore, we often express ourselves and our inner state, open our soul to the world precisely by drawing."

Mr. Tsuneo showed the children the characters drawn by him over 20 years of practice, briefly told the story of their creation and revealed the nature of the animated characters.

He also talked about the stages of creating his characters: "The first stage of creating a character is determining its type, its nature. Sometimes, in order to draw one character, you must first make up to one hundred sketches. Often I create a character and immediately try to fit it into several life situations to see how I can depict his reactions, the variety of facial expressions. And only then the plot of the animated series is thought out in detail. "

The director noted that some of his animated series are popular in America, because it is his characters, as a rule, who convey positive emotions. As an experiment, Mr. Tsuneo decided to draw  Domovyk (a house spirit) as a representative of Slavic mythology, embodying good qualities.

During the master class, the director has drawn about 15 different variants. Tsuneo Goda advised young animators to draw as much as possible, to practice in creating characters with completely different nature.