REGULATIONS of conduct of Children’s Television Festival "Dytiatko"

 1. Founder 

Children’s Television Festival “Dytiatko” (hereafter referred to as the Festival) is conducted according to the decision of Kharkiv Regional Council  dated June 25, 2009 No. 1262-V “On implementation of Children’s Television Festival “Dytiatko”.

Kharkiv Regional Council is a founder of the Festival.

Co-organizer of the festival: NGO "Kharkiv Association of Children's Screen Arts «Dytiatko»".

The Organizing Committee ensures the Conduction of the Festival. 

 2. Purpose and task 

Objective of the Festival is to discover and support children studios and groups that are involved in on-screen works as well as gifted children; creative development of an individual; upbringing of moral and active civic position; improvement of professional level of television oriented towards children target audience; reappearance of films for children in Ukraine.

Tasks of the Festival:

- establishing and developing connections among children studios, exchanging experience and improving professional level of participants;

- showing vast audience interesting, unique works and projects from different countries of the world, presenting world experience in the field of film and television industry for children and youth;

- creating artistic and communication areas for exchanging experience, presenting new projects during the conduction of the festival and interfestival period;

- drawing attention of state, social and commercial structures to the issues of development of children on-screen works, the processes of identity formation by receiving information broadcasted by electronic mass-media, the needs of children creative teams, the fate of gifted children and their future.

 3. Participants in and terms of Conduct of the Festival. 

3.1. Children television festival “Dytiatko” is conducted among children creative television, animation and radio studios, groups, teams and independent authors, television companies and unions, producing centers that create programs and films for children.

3.2. This Festival is conducted every year in two stages. First stage is called selective, when the organizing committee of the Festival reviews works sent to the Festival and chooses those ones that will take part in the second stage. Second stage is called final. In its framework the following events of the Festival are conducted: demonstration screenings, presentations, master-classes, trainings, meet-the-artist events, conferences and round-table meetings.

Time frame:

First stage – December-August;
Second stage – September of current year.

3.3. Works created during the current year, as well as during the year preceding the festival one are allowed to take part in the Festival, but only those that for some reason have not been sent in previous years to participate in the Festival. Works created before the mentioned period, will be accepted by the organizing committee and registered in the database of the Festival, but will be used in the Retrospective section of the Festival.

3.4. The term of accepting application forms for participation in the Festival lasts till May, 31 of the current year.

3.5. Competitive program of the Festival includes the following nominations:

І. International competitive program:

- «Best fiction film of a children studio»;

- «Best documentary of a children studio»;

- «Best television program of a children studio»;

- «Best animated film of a children studio»;

- «Best musical film (video clip) of a children studio»;

- «Best radio program of a children studio»;

- «Best television program, created for children»;

- «Best feature length film for children»;

- «Best short length film for children»;

- «Best animated film for children»;

- CIFEJ Prize (prize of the International center of films for children and youth);

ІІ. National competitive program:

- «We are local self-government!» (special nomination with support from the Council of Europe).

3.6. Based on the review of works selected for the competitive program of the Festival, in addition the jury awards prizes in the following nominations:

- best director's work;

- best camerawork;

- best TV-host;

- best TV journalist;

- best actor.

3.7. Participants of the Festival have the right to take part in one or a few nominations of the Festival. Participant of the Festival can be nominated with no more than three works.

3.8. In the nomination “We are local self-government!” advantages will be given to works that display role and particular characteristics of local self-government in the understanding of teens, they also explain participation of youth in solving issues of local significance.

3.9. Mandatory condition for participation in the nomination “We are local self-government!” is execution of competitive work by children studio (group, school age author) or together with children studio.

3.10. Authors works of different genres and creative decisions with duration up to 30 minutes take part in the Festival. Duration of works in the nomination “We are local self-government!” is up to 15 minutes, in the nominations “Best feature length film for children ” and “Best animated film for children” - up to 120 minutes.

3.11. Audiovisual materials and application forms shall be submitted to the organizing committee in the following ways:

- Via the Internet;
- Via post or courier services to the address specified in paragraph 3.17 of this Provision.

3.12. Works, submitted for participation in the Festival should have English subtitles (except for works in English and works that have voice-over or English dubbing-in).

3.13. For participation in the Festival the following documents shall be submitted:

- application form, filled separately for every work submitted to competition;

- competitive work (video in MPEG-2 or AVI format, audio in mp3 format);

- materials for catalogue: short annotation for work; information about authors; photos of authors and 3 shots from the competitive work (format: .JPG, .JPEG; picture resolution: 200-300 dpi).

3.14. Up to four people from the authors or their authorized representative (one adult and three children) can present works selected for participation in the second stage of the Festival.

3.15. The organizing committee selects, forms and displays in special programs of the Festival fictional, documentary, animated and other films, TV programs, cycles, retrospectives created in any country of the world.

3.16. Participation in the nominations is free of charge. Participant of the Festival shall cover all expenses regarding shipment of materials for participation in the Festival and transport expenses to the location of the Festival and back.

3.17. Application forms and works for participation in the Festival are admitted at the address: 64, Sumska Street, office 96, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002 - with note “To the Festival “Dytiatko”.

3.18. The organizers are not liable for mistakes and inaccuracies contained in the submitted application form. Edited pieces or fragments from several programs are not accepted.

3.19. Upon violation of any of the above mentioned paragraphs participation in the festival shall not be considered.

3.20. Works submitted to the festival are not reviewed. Materials shall not be returned to the authors, they become a part of the database of the Festival after the events.

3.21. The organizing committee of the Festival has the right to show competitive works of the Festival at the events held by the organizing committee of the Festival (at the location of the festival, within the framework of the Days of the Festival held in other cities of Ukraine, in special programs at other Festivals), as well as broadcast in television programs about the Festival and during informational and educational activities, broadcasting on TV aiming at highlighting and popularizing the Festival.

3.22. The organizing committee of the Festival has the right to display works that were not selected for competitive and non-competitive program of the Festival in the days of the Festival.

3.23. Participants, who presented the work bear responsibility in case of non-compliance with authorship.

3.24. The organizing committee is not liable for copyright infringement of third parties by the participants.

3.25. The program and events of the Festival, as well as other issues concerning the organization of the Festival shall be determined by the organizing committee.

3.26. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of theese Regulations.

4. Jury. 

4.1. The Organizing Committee invites professional jury which includes representative of television, cinema, animation and radio for the evaluation of the works selected for the participation in the Second stage of the Festival.

4.2. The Organizing Committee forms children’s jury for the evaluation of the works nominated in category «The Best Television Program made for children». 

 5. Pitching

5.1. Pitching is a presentation and defense of projects (script outlines/synopsis) of Ukrainian children studios (school age authors) or co-production with them.

5.2. Admission of application forms is carried out on a free of charge basis from February 1 to May 31 inclusively.

5.3. Works in the following categories are admitted for review:

I. Film – scripts for feature, animated films and documentaries.

II. Television program – scripts of original television programs, oriented toward children and youth viewing audiences.

5.4. For submitting an application form you should fill in an on-line form available on the website of the International children television festival “Dytiatko”, according to the rules for submission of the application form.

5.5. Each participant can send only one project for participation in Pitching.

5.6. The participant of Pitching shall have completely finished script or be ready to write it before July 10.

5.7. Preliminary selection for Pitching is carried out by the committee formed from members of the organizing committee. According to the results of the selection committee in the period before June 20 an extensive Pitching list shall be formed, which consists of no more than 20 application forms for each of the nomination. Authors whose projects got to the extended list will be informed via e-mail or telephone. A list with names will be posted on the official website of the Festival. Authors shall provide full scripts for review.

5.8. Authors whose projects were selected for the extended Pitching list in the period before July 10 are required to send the full versions of scripts at: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. . The participants who will not submit complete scripts within the specified time will be removed from the competition.

5.9. Before August 01 the selection committee forms a short list of script outlines in each category of Pitching, which consists of no more than 7 projects. According to the special decision of the organizing committee of the Festival number of projects that are included in the short list can be changed. Information on the final list of projects – participants of Pitching is posted on the official website of the festival.

5.10. Defense of the projects will be conducted on the days of the International children television festival “Dytiatko” .The organizing committee undertakes expenses with regard to housing at the festival of no more than two authors of each project. Transportation costs shall be paid by participants of Pitching.

5.11. Projects selected for Pitching are evaluated by the jury that consists of specialists in the field of film and television. List and number of juries of Pitching are approved by the organizing committee of the Festival.

5.12. The jury chooses one winner in each category of Pitching. In addition the jury of Pitching can award a special diploma from the jury with any reasoning to any project.

5.13. The order of performances and presentations during Pitching is determined by moderator. Each participant is given no more than 10 minutes for presentation of the project. Additional 7 minutes are given for questions and discussion after the presentation of the project.

5.14. Brief information about the authors and projects that were included in the short list will be published in the catalogue of the Festival and on the official website of the International children television festival "Dytiatko".

6. Awarding the winners of the Festival. 

6.1. The jury determines one winner in each nomination of the Festival, except nomination «The Best Television Program made for children». Other participants of the Second stage of the Festival receive special Diplomas of the Festival.

6.2. The Children’s Jury determines one winner in nomination «The Best Television Program made for children». The Children’s Jury can establish additional special prize.

6.3. The Jury, partners and sponsors of the Festival can establish their special prizes in any nomination.